Bottle Blossom Trees





Every year my school puts on a Mother’s Day Art Show where artwork from each class is displayed in the hall for all the mothers to go see with their children. I had a whole Pinterest board dedicated to finding the right artwork for this project! I eventually found the perfect artwork – simple enough for my Preppies (Kindergarten) students to do independently, but still so effective as art.

I found this image and liked the look of it:

Here is a link to how she does it on her blog:

Here is how I adapted it for my class:

1. Because I had to use A3 paper I started collecting mini softdrink bottles (250ml).Make sure you have a look at the pattern the bottom of the bottle makes because they are all different.

2. As I teach young students I drew an outline of a tree for them to fill in with brown paint.

3. Then I put out 3 different pastel colours for the blossoms. I let them choose and print using the bottom of the bottles.

4. I then matted the art onto coloured card and named them. See the picture below for the final outcome (I have removed student names for privacy reasons). The first is a close up, and the second how they looked arranged on a display board in the hall.

bottle blossom art

whole class blossom art

I was very impressed with the final outcome. Even more impressed when mum’s came back with good comments!

I love it when ideas from Pinterest actually work :)

See you next time!

Stay Joyful :)

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